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English Test Name:

Some, any in sentences - Exercise 1[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]

some or any? - Choose the correct answer.
|1) We need [pic]bananas.|
|2) You can't buy [pic]posters in this shop. |
|3) We haven't got [pic]oranges at the moment.|
|4) Peter has bought [pic]new books. |
|5) She always takes [pic]sugar with her coffee. |
|6) I haveseen [pic]nice postcards in this souvenir shop. |
|7) There aren't [pic]folders in my bag. |
|8) I have [pic]magazines for you.|
|9) There are [pic]apples on the table. |
|10) Pam does not have [pic]pencils on her desk.|

Elija la opción más adecuada para responder a las siguientes preguntas. Exercise 2
Principio del formulario
Is there any milk?[pic]
[pic]Yes, there is.[pic]Yes, there are.
How many people are there in the cinema?[pic]
[pic]There are two hundred people.
[pic]There is two hundred people.
How much bread is there?[pic]
[pic]No, there is not.
[pic]Thereis a kilo.
How much sugar do you need?[pic]
[pic]Yes, I do.
[pic]One kilo.
How many students are there in your French class?[pic]
[pic]There are eleven students.
[pic]Yes, there are.
How manytomatoes are there?[pic]
[pic]Yes, there are.
How much money do you have?[pic]
[pic]I have one dollar.
[pic]Yes, there is.
How many cups are there?[pic]
[pic]No, there aren't.[pic]There is only one.
Are there any kids here?[pic]
[pic]Yes, there are some.
[pic]Yes, you are.
Is there any milk in the fridge?[pic]
[pic]Yes, there are.
[pic]Yes, there are two litres.