The tourism in spain

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What is the tourism?
Good evening. My name is Alicia and I am a Tourism Technician, so it is the reason why I would like to speak about the tourism in my country.
I can define the tourism as a set of activities that people do during their holydays in places that are different from their habitual environment.

The tourism in Spain.
The tourism is arecent phenomenon which starts being important in Spain at the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX. At that time, it was accessible for a small minority who belonged to the upper class.
Nowadays, it is one of the main bases of the Spanish economy.
Our country is one of the most beautiful and rich nations due to the wide variety of tourist destinations: If you travelled to thesouth, you could find wonderful beaches and a fantastic sun. On the other hand, if you chose the north of the country, you would find beautiful nature landscapes.
Cataluña is a completed place where you can do different types of tourism, so it is the reason why is the favorite destination to spend the holydays, following by Islas Baleares and Islas Canarias.

The nationality of tourists in Spain.Our country is the second of the world in number of foreign tourists: Speaking about the nationality of them, the main foreign tourists that arrive in Spain are British, German and French, but Italian and Portuguese people are usual too.
But I can’t forget to mention that the domestic tourism also exists (it is the tourism that is doing in Spain by Spanish people).

2. SUN AND BEACH TOURISMThe main reason why people do tourism in Spain is the sun and the beach: the climate of our country is hotter and sunnier tan in other European countries.
It represents more or less the 70% of the tourism in Spain, and only the 30% belongs to the rest of types.
Many regions have more than 300 days of sun a year, so the coastal localities are full of hotels, apartments and restaurants so thattourists can enjoy the stay.


Rural Tourism.
Although the sun and beach tourism is the most common type of tourism in Spain, it isn’t the only practiced: The north of the country is the coldest and wettest part, so people take advantage of that weather to do rural or nature tourism, which allows to be on contact with the nature.

Nature Tourism.
Despite thebuildings, the Spanish territory still retains a natural setting of exceptional beauty with an important ecological value.
Spain enjoys a variety of mainland and island ecosystems where you can admire exceptional natural spaces.
Some institutions and organizations that can help us to be in contact with the nature are, for example, the Natural Reserves or the farms. Some families who live in thecity spend their holydays learning the countryside life.

Cultural Tourism.
Apart from that, there are other types of tourism that can be developed across the country.
One of them is the cultural tourism: Spain is the second country in the world with the major number of cultural properties considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage.
However, Spain has a low rate of cultural tourism relative toother countries with fewer heritages because it isn’t maintained and managed enough.
Regarding my city, Cartagena is an ideal city to enjoy the cultural tourism: ¿Have you ever been to Cartagena? If you had time to visit Cartagena, you could admire from the Roman Theatre to the Carlos the III Wall.

Gastronomic Tourism.
The Mediterranean diet is very famous all over the world: It’s the reasonwhy people do gastronomic tourism, where the typical food and drink of the different regions are the protagonists.
A tourist in Galicia shouldn´t forget to taste the seafood, while a tourist in the south of the country the tapas are the most famous dish.
Paella is the most recognized dish of the east, but in the center of our country there are also typical dishes: if you went to Salamanca, you...
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