The village

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The Village “Question"
1. The desire for hope seemed to drive the elders to their decision to create their own village. They had lost all hope in the real world and thought that if they controlledeverything and kept the world out they would be safe from evil and pain. Why didn't this work?
The elders said that they suffered too much for the lost of relatives and friends in towns. Theyprotect all the past in black boxes, which are revealed to contain moments from their lives in the actual outside world, related to their past traumas. This form of evade the real world didn't workbecause the pain is part of life. And they thought if they escape from past, they never again felt pain.
They lived in a lie, tried to make them believe that the creatures were true for them not toleave the village. But the creatures are "farce" created by the elders to keep the children from entering the woods in an attempt to keep them from leaving the village. And when a crimehappened, they avoided the truth, and what they said was that the unspeakable killed them.

2. Is the movie a romance or a horror movie?
It’s a romance movie because Ivy, Luciu’s fiance decided to pass through theforest and seek out medicine to safe him, when Noah, a young man with apparent developmental problems who is in love with Ivy, stabs Lucius with a knife. She didn’t care what she had togo through the forest, fight to get the medicines to save her boyfriend.

3. There are two colors clearly opposed in the movie. What are those colors? What do they mean?
Yellow means protection and keep away fromthe unspeakable creatures. The red color means bad color; this color attracts the unspeakable creatures. All things that grow from the earth that are red, they must be buried.
4. Compare the cultureof fear portrayed in the movie to your country’s reality. Are we immersed in a culture of fear? Explain your answer.
The village was founded in the late 1970s, when Edward Walker, professor...
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