Things we should consider when preparing an oral presentation

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Things We Should Consider When Preparing an Oral Presentation

V. Diaz Jr.

There are many things we should consider when getting ourselves prepared to do an oral presentation; that is if wewant to be successful relaying the message we want to present. The first step is to think about what we want to achieve and of course determine what type of audience we’ll have. These steps areextremely important because as good presenters we should know the level of knowledge our audience have of the topic we are going to present and their level of interest on the topic so that we candetermine the best way to get them involved in the presentation. Once we have this then we have to do our “homework” which is to research the topic, organize the material and write a draft. It isrecommended to think about the limited time one has to present when preparing for the presentation, the last thing you want is to go over the time allotted or having to rush the delivery of information. Oncewe have the final writing, then we have to plan and prepare the visual aids, also summarize your draft into points to write on your Power Point and/or index cards. Don’t forget to rehearse yourpresentation with a friend or spouse and ask them to both, time you and give you feedback.
Work in not done yet, it’s time to organize the content of your presentation which should include the following:1) Introduction (may be written last)
a) Capture your audience attention: Start with a funny story, a question or anything that would make them curious about the subject
b) State thepurpose of your presentation
c) Present an outline of your subject (make them hungry to hear what you have)
2) The Body
a) Present your point in logical order
b) Make it clear when you aremoving to the next point
c) Make sure to use clear examples to illustrate you points
d) Make your presentation more interesting by using visual aids
3) The Conclusion
a) Summarize...
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