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hello good morning. please sit down to begin the interview.

Tell their professional experience

• What post has been the last played? Serving customers in a pharmacy

• why do you leave lastjob? Because i am not liked


• why would you like obtain precisely this job and not another? Because the post of nutrióloga here in the garden of children i like

•What do you think you can make? New forms of work

• what do you thinks can you improve working with us? My responsibility


• How do you like to work: ? I like to work single• why prefers to work alone? Because i organized better

• What experience has the team work? Experience unpleasant

• what has been integrated easily in a working group? If,

• What thinks oftheir heads above? I think that are important people


• what can be incorporated immediately? yes

• is ready to change residence? Of course

• what you don't care have totravel frequently? No

• Does own vehicle? Not even not

• Are you owner of your house? yes

• Does other job offers alternatives? No

• What hobbies have for their leisure time? I like to goout fun

• do you have many friends? Yes


• What are your best qualities? Describe three main. I concentrate on what aug. I am fun and attentive

• What are their shortcomings?Describe three main, Sometimes i have bad mood, i am not good for the matematics, and I am very sentimental.

• If you have to take a decision is impulsive or reflective? Depends on the type ofdecision


• What is your marital status? Unmarried

• Do You Have complied with the military service? Not because i am a woman

• Does projects of marriage? yes

• do you havechildren? No

• What makes now? Study and work

• What do you think your family of his new job? They are proud


• What do you expect your life? I hope to be a good professional

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