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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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For the recruitment system Econatura uses the magazine, news paper publicity adds but predominantly the recomendation between the employees familys and friends. This advertisementsestipulate some basic requirements of each possition that Econatura are looking for, they based on their own job description, basically they create a job description for each possition in the hotelbassed in his criteria, from here they created too the job specification por those possition, although they say thath tey consider themselves as a job family because many employees do similar functions,duties and use the same habilities.
On the adverisements econatura displays the andministration manager cellphone number which in turn is the responsible or HR dept.
They use one Pre-selectioninterview realized by phone or face to face, only for the purpose eliminate applicants who do not fit with the job description or the job specification. If the applicant still in the recruitment proccesthey tell him that is necesary to interview him personaly (face to face interview) with the RH incharged person.with the purpose to verificate and enlarge the aplicant information and verificate if theaplicant still being able for the company.
After the interview if the applicant matches with the job description and job specification they hire him/her. Then manager give him a little introductionabouth the concept an their philosophy and a brief tour through the facilities.

Selction process

In this step Econatura is a litle bit careless because they doesnt count with a data base of theapplicants, they only hire the person who they think is the more able to the possition. The result of this is their highly eployee rotation, other cause is the location of the hotel and the employeesculture, many of the employees are inmigrants or people from otrher states of the country what needs money to pay the return trip to their states or to go tu USA.
As an emergency plan if one vital...
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