Trabajo de ingles sobre racismo

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  • Publicado : 5 de diciembre de 2010
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Racism Today

Racism is the hate or dislike of a person to another of different skin color, beliefs, and ethnicity. The way racism started was by using “minorities” as slaves. Slavery wasfought in different ways all around the world. In America the Europeans used people for their particular need and exploited their skill and work. Slavery had not limits, it was used in united stated aswell and African Americans are the ones who suffered it. Wars were fought to free the slaves but did not end racism. In United States things were created separately for “colored people” such as,restrooms, transportation, and even public areas.

Hitler demonstrated racism as a way of not only seeing people as minorities but also as better than one. Hitler could not stand that Jewish peoplehad good jobs and were living a good life, probably better the German people of the time. Hitler accomplished his goal and destroyed an immense quantity of Jewish people. He demonstrated that racismis just a belief and people believe it with out reasons. Racism is not a fact or a real feeling about others, “Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another” (, racism is defined as a belief and belief is when the mind accepts if something is real or not, it is not a fact for people to accept racism.

My neighbor from upstairs is Mexican and shedoes not speak English which made her face racism. She was born in Mexico City and moved here when she was twenty five years old, now she is thirty five years old. Ten years living in United Statesand never learned the language, it was not hard for her to get a job, but she was put down and could not move forward in the job. She was the “Bean Cleaner” in other words a Mexican. She got depressedand tried to look for other jobs but the only ones offered to her were in fields as grape picker. She was told for many people that she was born to work in a field. “I finish high school in Mexico...
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