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  • Publicado : 26 de mayo de 2011
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The Shawshank Redemption

How was Andy like a Jesuit?
Andy likes a Jesuit in different aspects because he wants the liberty and the justice because we discovered in thefilm that Andy was innocent of the kill of his wife and his wife´s lover. He wants especially the best things for all in the prison and for his friends. He likes a Jesuitbecause he always wants the liberty, the justice and Andy was perseverant in all the things that he does .For example, in one part of the film we can see that Andy got beers for hisfriends and for him, but after he said that he didn´t drink beer, that action was especially solidarity of his part because he knows that they want beer.
He wants thejustice because he was innocent but he stayed in the prison to help to the Warden Norton to evade taxes and other things because Andy knew about this, because he was a banker, andfor that when Andy escaped to the prison of Shawshank he declared in a letter that Warden Norton evade taxes and in this prison occurred murders and rapes and other things.Why did Andy always seek out the beautiful in his time in prison?
Because he didn’t want to be an alone in the prison and he wants the opportunity of escape of the prison andbe free because he was innocent, he never gave up in all the years that he stayed in the prison of Shawshank, and he searches for the harmony.
He knows that he stayed in theprison but he never gave up.
How do you relate this idea to our call as Jesuit-educated students to find God in all things?
That we know that the hope is a good thing andgood things never die, and for this we are Jesuit-educated we are called to serve and pursue the justice and always trust that God was with us in all the times 42621748
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