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Paul Zafayana

Hi, I´m Andy Fabian your godson, I´m 8 years old and I´m in second grade with my teacherLaura. I live with my dad Antonio (he´s a welder), my mother Ana (she’s a housewife), my brother Dilan (he´s in fourth grade) and mybeloved grandmother Blanca (she´s very cute). We are a very tight family with good Christian principles and we´re very solidary.
Ilike to eat hamburgers and hotdogs. Whenever my dad can he buys us some. My favorite color is blue, the color of the sky and sea,even though I don´t know it I dream of saving money to see it and take a bath in it someday.
I like riding bicycle and playingfootball, I love the Ben10 toys and helping with the house chores. I do my homework, I do well in school, and my grades are excellent. Ibelong to the community’s football team, I train every Tuesday and Friday. My house is nice, tidy and big. I sleep alone. I have adog called Rocky, it´s white and big I love him and I play with him. I´m afraid of darkness. I try not to feel afraid. I dream ofbecoming a great engineer and build the most important and beautiful buildings in the world.
Well, I hope I learn more about you,know your tastes and desires.
Please write back and I will answer.

With love, because I already love you.

Andy Fabian Yampuezan
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