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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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Why learn English…

The English as language is very important today because is the second language spoken in the world. In our country is like our second language because we are familiarized forour neighbor country U.S.A. In a globalized world like this, learning a language is basic to survival in a competitive job market. Today, leading enterprises of our country require people who at leasthave acquired an advanced level in English.

The importance of learn another language is that we can communicate with people of other countries and cultures. Learning English will serve us in ourprofessional lives as in our daily lives. If we understand, speak and write English we can have more opportunities to learn different things of other cultures. If we want to be internationallycompetitive, it is necessary to learn English because it is the universal language of business. To be able to relate to any international company we must have a good level of English language.

A good reasonto learn English is that the technology develops in Anglo-Saxon countries. All the news scientific, economic and social, are reported first in English by the globalization of information flyingthrough the internet and if you do not know English, you have to read articles that are not always translated correctly. Be able to read books, newspapers, watch news, TV shows, sports channels, movies andseries, before they are translated into Spanish is a competitive advantage over all those people who do not speak English.

Another important argument is that learning a new language opens thedoors of culture to which it belongs. This is true in the case of English do not relate to one culture if not with many. Always think that English is the official language of the United Kingdom, UnitedStates, part of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which would already be enough, but it is much more than that because its influence extends worldwide. Those that were British colonies in the...