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The Chronicles of NARNIA.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

What does it mean, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”?
The book name is The Chronicles of NARNIA: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe because those Three symbols are very important in the history because the Lion is the king, the Witch is the villain and the Wardrobe is the bridge between Narnia and our world, the historyit’s develop in the 20th century and far away from London. The history is a combination of magic, courage, wisdom, power and trust. In the book the principal characters are: The Pevensies (Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy), Aslan, Mr. Tumnus, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver and Jadis “the White Witch”.
The history begins in an old professor’s house where four kids (Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy) are livingbecause of the war in London, the children were very boring so they decided to play hide and seek and they were looking for hiding places, Lucy the younger didn’t find a place to hide herself so she were looking for a good place and then she found an old room that has only a big wardrobe inside of it, so Lucy hided herself into the wardrobe and she felt that the wardrobe was very big and then shefell down and when she looked around she saw a new world, the she walked and she found to someone, it was a Faun its name was Mr. Tumnus, he were very surprised to see a human in NARNIA, Lucy talked for a long time with the faun and then she went to the faun’s house and they drank tea, and they talked a lot, the faun told to her that in NARNIA is a false queen and she made that in NARNIA were 100years of winter but that her power was weak because Aslan (the King of NARNIA) came back, then Lucy was sleeping but when she woke up the faun said to her that she had to leaving NARNIA because the white witch wants to capture to the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve because they four were the Kings and Queens of NARNIA, so Lucy ran very quickly to the wardrobe and she went in house, then she told toher brothers and sister that she went to another world, but they didn’t believe to her…
… days ago Lucy came back to NARNIA to see to her friend (the faun) and Edmund was following her but when he were in NARNIA he got lost and he met to the White Witch and she told lies to Edmund and he were hypnotized for her evil power, she said to Edmund that he had to bring to his brother and sisters toNARNIA and he told to her that Lucy were in NARNIA days ago with a faun, then the Witch went to her castle and Edmund found to Lucy, then they both came back to the house and Lucy told to Peter and Susan that Edmund was in NARNIA too but he didn’t said the truth…
…one day they broke a window and they were really scared, so they were to hide themselves in the wardrobe and when they were into thewardrobe they walked a little and they were in NARNIA and they believed to Lucy, they went to visit to Mr. Tumnus but he were captured by the Witch because he protected to Lucy, then they were into the Forest and they saw a beaver that it talked with them and told to them that they may talk in the beaver’s house, when they were in the beaver’s house Mr. Beaver and Mrs. Beaver told to them that theyare the Kings and Queens of NARNIA and that the White Witch was a false queen and she was evil, then Edmund went to the Witch’s house because he was hypnotized by her, then the beavers said that Aslan were back and the hope was returning to NARNIA, then they were to meet with Aslan in the Stone Table, they were quickly because the Witch’s followers can capture to them, then they met to the ChristmasFather and he gave presents (weapons) for the war that were going to come, then Edmund were into the Witch’s Castle and she were very angry with him because he didn’t bring to his siblings to her castle so she captured to him and he was a prisoner of her, then the others were nearer of Aslan, so when they were with Aslan hi asked about Edmund and they said that he were with the Witch…
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