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“I feel ill, doctor”

1. Topic: visiting the doctor
2. 2nd cycle, 4th grade, 10 years old
3. Previous knowledge required, learners must know or relate to basic expressionassociated with pain, like “I feel bad”, “it hurts…” “I don’t feel good”, “I feel ill”, “I feel sick”, etc, the parts of the body, thanking somebody, and polite words.
4. Objectives:
a.To understand and use the vocabulary related to the body and illness correctly.
b. To manifest orally expressions of health, using the intonation and musicality proper of the language.c. To describe symptoms of some illness and wounds.
d. To be aware of the importance of taking precautions to keep oneself in good health.
e. To listen and comprehend oral messagesin different contexts.
f. To improve work group cooperation.
g. To present and interested, receptive, and respectful attitude towards everyone involve in the activity.
h.Interest and curiosity for the different illnesses and their remedies.
i. Interest and effort for communicating in English at the classroom.
5. Basic competences:
I. Linguisticcompetence: be able to speak, write and comprehend in a foreign language.
II. Social competence: have a respectful and tolerant attitude towards other people’s participation in the classroom.III. Environmental competence: awareness related to personal health care.

Block 1: Listening, speaking and oral interaction
1 Listening
The learner’s must listen to aprevious vocabulary which will be presented by the teacher through flash cards. This vocabulary will be illnesses/wounds and treatment related. There will also be a CD with expression aboutdescribing “how you feel?” and “symptoms you can feel”. The listening is constant during the whole activity due to the repetition involve, in every part.
1 Speaking
Once the vocabulary and most...
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