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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2011
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Nowadays, the most of the school in each state has to consider that students wear uniforms, because it is really important and thanks to the uniforms there are not differences with the grades andschools; besides school uniforms must be equal because this way there are no differences between each one of the students. However, there hay some people that do not think that, and they are againstschool unfirms; besides, there are another problem is the lack of attention of the institutions that for which in any they do not use uniform. With this little introduction about the school uniforms, Ican start writing my essay with the help of a small research about if some students of different high schools are in support or in against of wearing uniforms, and I could see that the most of thestudents thought that is good to wear a uniform for many reasons.

Currently, the school uniform, it is a peculiar and distinctive apparel used by the students of the most educational centers, which theyconsider to be his use have to be obligatory, and the most of the peoples are in support that students have to wear uniforms, and also, some students are according with that opinion. In my littleresearch some students think that school uniforms are good, because they do not have to be worried about what clothes they have to wear the next day, another thing is way to avoid discrimination forsocial classes, and wear school uniforms demonstrate that the school has discipline with the students. All this points are very important, because it does not exist the distinction in higher and lowerstatus between students, besides there is not inequality between them, also the school uniforms is way in order to identify a school and the students acquire discipline and behavior.

Also, it isimportant mention that some people and students are against of wearing uniforms. For this some students gave me their reason, one of them was that the do not like to wear uniforms because, they do not...
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