Unitarios y federales (en ingles)

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Federales was the name under which the supporters of federalism in Argentina were known, opposing the Unitarios that claimed a centralised government of Buenos Aires Province, with no participationof the other provinces of the custom taxes benefits of the Buenos Aires port. The Federales supported the autonomy of the provincial governments
and the distribution of external commerce taxes amongthe provinces. In general, the
Federals were provincial governors and leaders, some of which became caudillos, such as Juan Facundo Quiroga. Early conflict The Argentine War of Independence saw theforces of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata fighting Spanish royalists who attempted to regain control of their American colonies after the Napoleonic Wars. After the victorious May Revolutionof 1810, disagreements arose between the dominant province of Buenos Aires, who were known as Unitarios, and the other provinces of Argentina , known as the Federalists. These were evident at leastas early as the declaration of Argentine independence in 1816. The Unitarios lost their
controlling power after the Battle of Cepeda (1820), which was followed by several months of anarchy. However,the Unitarios were forced to sign a treaty with other provinces. This
did not solve the conflicts between the Federalists and the Unitarians. Unitarios Under president Bernardino Rivadavia(1826–1827), the Unitarios gained control for a short period of time. The Constitution of 1826 allowed for a balance between the ideas of the
Unitarios and the Federalists: “It provided for a centralized nationalauthority while leaving
the provinces with considerable local powers.” However, the constitution was rejected by
provincial caudillos, military leaders, and the conflict continued. Unitarian LeagueIn 1829, the Liga Unitaria (Unitarian League) was created by General Jose Maria Paz in order to defeat the Federalists. The Gaucho Federalists faced Paz and his troops on May 31, 1831
and the...
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