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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2011
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Utopia by Hernan Prados

The real meaning of utopia is something we can never achieve so we should say that we are creating something that would never exist or something is difficult to get. For instance we rather build this new kind of society far away of modern civilisation because if not it will be infected by manners of nowadays societies.
Basically this new world if we can call it likethat, have to be for free people people who matter being free and has a kind of aversion to slavery or any kind of way that release people to serve others. An example of that could be when african-americans were ship to the new continent called America to work for their lord or for White people without any profit and with a kind of submission. Otherwise people will work in this new society but notfor money not for having a place to live and eat, they will work for the community to serve their partners that at the same time are their “brothers”.
Continuing with this issue money has no place in our nation,because money bring with it greed and bad situations, so each person has what it deserve depending on his work and what he did to serve the others. It could be like a kind ofrespect,which you earn or waste depending on your attitude and behavior. Luxury goods,such as gold, diamonds, precious stones, will be use to build jails and prisons so people who lives in our country will related that to bad things and they will feel animosity to that certain things.
Talking about education without any doubt will be free no charges to people who lives in our nation because education is aright and because of that no matter what you want to study in our place you are welcome to develop and study whatever you want.Because we want happy people in our place and people who study what they want and enjoy doing what they do is happy people. It is obvious that everyone has to work for the community so apart from studying they will have a job a duty to accomplish so they give to thecommunity what the community gave them.

Every society must have laws because without them there is no patron to follow there is no right path so people will do whatever they want and that's not good. All of us should do whatever we want but, with certain limits. Because our rights ends where the others rights begins.With that i mean that we need to be respectful with others and if we give to othersrespect we deserve respect, because we earn it. Definitely discrimination, disrespectful and any kind of attitude that hurt someone’s feelings has no contest in our society. Gangs or organisations that promote violence or discrimination are ban in our community. Our country subscribe the idea of a free society with free people that respect each other, so we believe that by following that path we’llget better people so we get a better conviviality and we live in peace.
Referring to war, we should say that our citizens rarely fight any war that’s because many reasons: one of them is that we do not like war so we try to solve problems by giving money with all the good we have, or if not to deal an agreement between us and the other country. Most of the time we are neutral that means that wedon’t even participate in wars. We don’t even defend our a allies because we don’t have them because agreements between countries to fight wars bring with them a lot of troubles that after the agreement someone has to solve. If it is necessary to flight the war our people is train to face those situations but most of the time we pay someone who fight with us so we don’t sacrifice our people.Because we don’t have our own money we cannot expect receiving certain goods for the things we produce in excess, so what we do is change our goods which we have for others that we are running out of. This kind of new system invented by the first traders of the history made disappears the feelings of being greedy. Something really difficult to eradicate from human being because is in his nature....
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