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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases, commonly known as venereal diseases are those that are transmitted through sexual contact, can be mentioned including syphilis,gonorrhea and AIDS has become one of the most serious health problems worldwide.

The symptoms of syphilis are out of a pimple or small sores called "blight" on the penis and internal orexternal genitalia of women, appears 3-12 weeks after intercourse.

Generally, the chancre is painless and can be confused with irritation or abrasion of the genitals. As disappears even withoutmedical treatment, the person believed to have been cured, but the microbes remain in the body and 2 0 disappeared three weeks after the chancre, rash or spots come back, the soles of the feet and palmsof hands.

These rashes can be confused with allergies to medications or rashes and disappear without treatment. But the microbes remain in the body for many years (between 5 and 40 years) Overtime the damage appears more dangerous and destructive: sores on the skin, bone deformation, paralysis and others.


When a person discovers the chancre should go to receive medicaltreatment.
Rashes or spots on back, feet and palms, are sure signs that you have syphilis and should seek medical attention for treatment.
In the advanced stage of syphilis (leg ulcers, deformationof bones and joints), if the person is subjected to treatment of the disease can be cured, but the damage is irreparable
If the sick person is not treated, comes to suffer from baldness,deafness, insanity, blindness, heart disease, kidney, liver, bone deformities, artery disease, children with deformities, increased risk of AIDS infection and death .


Having sexonly with your partner
Using condoms with strangers or promiscuous
Every woman should have a blood test just know she is pregnant. If you have syphilis and get treatment before the fourth month of...
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