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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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Francisco Eduardo Zea Gamboa

7th cycle

Spontaneous Human Combustion

INSTITUTE:Sir Walter Scott


Dismiss one of the most dramatic events in the paranormal is ultimately thehuman spontaneous combustion, also called combustion, which leads to
burning the body of any individual without causing severe burns razónlo
apparent in the body and in many cases the dealth dueto a strong effect. 
Proponents of the phenomenon have had 200 cases since the seventeenth century. 
The characteristics that exhibit the phenomenon are:
1 .- appliances except the victim is usedto remain intact.
2 .- the area around the victim and sometimes the fourth remainider a grasy soot is found covered with. 
3 .- that all cases occur in the interior of buildings. 
4 .- in allsettings is a potential external source of ignition.
 5 .- eyewitnessof never have the time of the event.
 6 .- That the victim is found that long after being seen with life last time (typically morebrown 6 hours)
The sound thet includes explanations of this phenomenon is: the criminals,
that's says it is not surprising a criminal wants to burn his victim after the murder
and the other is forthe wick effect, is thet kills you get the fire for an external
ignition source, it is said, this fire burns the skin and melts fat absorbed in the
body and the clothing that creates the effectclocks. The paranormal explations
is rejected for science, it is a great many of them having magical or fictitious elements.
Other dates are also presented in this phenomenon your are that the skin...
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