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Lesson Plan
Immersion Program - 2011
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- |Standards: List., Speak., Read., Writing | Standards: Listening/Speaking | Standards:Reading/Writing | Standards:Writing | Standards:Speaking/Writ | Standards: Listening and Speaking |
Unit 5, DAY IN DAYOUT!UNIT 6HOW MUCH IS IT? | *Daily routines , free activities describing people.*Sports and activities, days of the week, months, seasons, people’s facial features, likes and dislikes, preferences,and character. *Food and drink, clothes and shops.*Students will learn about the types shops , types of food and drink, and types of clothes.*And British money. | * Introduce pages 50 and 51 ,exercise 1: matching the pictures to the letters for vocabulary review.*Introduce the new vocabulary.Put students in pair to practice the questions.*write the vocabulary on the board and have studentslisten to the different questions and have them repeat.* Play the conversation s, and have them listen and repeat, then have them read in pair, to correct every possible mispronunciation, *Havestudents complete the true and false exercise about the conversation.*Have students act out the conversation,*Introduce the days of the week , and practice with them so that students can internalize them ,completing exercises 6 and 7 , Ordinal numbers, exercise 7.Introduce the months of the year , play a game with the months to help them master the months. *Introduce the seasons and complete theexercises.*Teach students to describe people , Explain vocabulary.*Have students complete exercise 13, *Introduce then the Adverbs of frequencies, prepositions of time and the present simple , withthe verb DO , *Have students complete the exercises about the grammar.*Play a video showing the different daily activities and ask students questions about the videos.* Introduce pages 60 and 61...
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