Vesti appropiado para cualquier ocasion

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Dress properly for any occasion.

If what counts is the first impression, costumes, along with personal hygiene, is what it reveals about us more time to perform at work, at aparty or anywhere else. But we know we should dress for every occasion in particular? Clothing is fundamental part in the image of contemporary man or women. Dressing has become a way to create, and toplay with many different styles, but we always have to dress properly for the occasion. Dress to impress is one of the first rules when we are invited to a high class event. And church attire can beused as a casual wear.
The types of clothing that we can establish, in a general way are:
1. Clothing label. It's used for gala events and other occasions, formal events. The menswear label hasseveral possibilities: the tuxedo, the dress coat and tailcoat. The Ladies' is much broader and less defined. Long dress or evening gown, nice skirt with an elegant dress shirt, is very extensive thechoice that women have to dress for a gala event. Women’s also have more choices to be different they can wear accessories, the hair style the makeup and of course the shoes and hand bag. Compare to themen the only have to worry to to get the perfect suit .
2. Media label.
The average label is a concept used in some cases to indicate a dress that is between formal dress and evening dress. It isgenerally accepted as the mean label a dark suit with double-breasted jacket, white shirt, tie and dark shoes classic. Other examples can be a tuxedo jacket with a classic dark pants suit, or the morningcoat, worn with a dress shirt.
The rules for wearing the clothes the same as for any other type of clothing, the sleeves must protrude slightly on the sleeve of the jacket, the pants should fall afew inches behind the heel of the shoe, without touching the ground, the tie should combine well with the suit and shirt, as well as the belt should do with the shoes.
In some countries, the...
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