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Oaxacan Mole
Also known as "Black Mole" is the local variant (Oaxaca) of the mole. This sauce, which has a darker color than the mole poblano is prepared with a lot of ingredients amongwhich are the chiles, "chilhuacle black," "mulatto," "pasilla", which contribute to its color, and as toasted avocado leaves, peanuts, walnuts, onions, seeds of anise, chocolate, etc.. Also,the mole may be presented where only missing pastas add chicken broth to serve on the board.
The green pozole
is a dish of Mexico. It's kind of soup made based on kernels of a type commonlyknown as cacahuazintle, which is added pork or chicken as a secondary ingredient, in this basic setup there are variations throughout the Mexican territory, with some the white hominy and redGuerrero Sinaloa, Nayarit and Jalisco.
The quesadillas
are a Mexican dish that most of the country is made ​​of tortillas. Changes may take extra ingredients like cheese. In the northwestquesadillas (preferably with flour tortillas) are grilled or broiled, the cheese also usually accompanied by various ingredients. In the center and south, are almost exclusively corntortilla. A quesadilla should be bent, if not bend and cheese (and extras) are placed between two tortillas then called synchronized. The tortilla can also be flour or corn. In northern Mexico isvery popular burrito, almost unknown in the rest of the country. The main features that set it apart are the traditional size of the tortilla (larger diameter), which is always tortilla flour,being composed of several ingredients cut up and scrambled, and how to serve, because the donkey is involved and the quesadilla "folded".
Mexican Tostadas
Usually a tortilla made withmashed beans grilled or fried which is dehydrated. It also refers to the tortillas on a napkin left a couple of days to lose water and harden and then fried to brown and smeared with refried beans.
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