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Vic Rattlehead

1962, the United States confronted one of the most bloody and terrible war in history, the Vietnam War. An American detachment was in a bunker south of Vietnam, the base of operations known as "Hangar 18" by Lt. Victor "Rattlehead" Megadeth, a military frontline, always true to his values and his men. Since coming to the military was prominent among his peers for his cool headand always attentive, but smart turn skilled in the field. Before traveling the world to go to defend the interests of his country, left a wife 8 months pregnant. But it took three years in war and never saw his son, James.

04:30 hrs, expected a cloudy day, the command center orders were simple: they had to maintain their position, Vietnamese spies from the U.S. had warned them that theVietnamese were plans to surround the position, not attacking it frontally, therefore going to have a few quiet days, a short time without war.

Peace Sells, but who’s buying?

Lieutenant "Rattlehead" slept peacefully, dreaming of his anticipated return, when a chill ran through him, 'something is wrong ... - thought. One of the soldiers checked the radar had begun to utter cries, but I was so sleepythat he thought it was a dream, his loyal sergeant Mustaine woke him saying, 'We're under fire lieutenant, wake up please! - Lieutenant gets up hastily and will have a look at the radar opens his eyes surprised, Vietnamese troops attacked! ... But how?! Its location was undetectable, nervous soldiers run to seek orders his lieutenant. Without thinking over a second Rattlehead sends for the weaponsand the counterattack, with no preparation, insufficient time, the atmosphere was tense, only heard piercing screams of wounded men, gunshots and explosions.

Suddenly, an explosion destroyed the place, a bomb undetected by radar. Blood covered the surrounding, Rattlehead don’t hear any movements, nor crying, no fire, not even someone laughing at the dead, helping the wounded. All seemed deadexcept him, however, was immobilized, he no felt his body, did not know if he was imagining, if it was a dream or reality, despair took place, started screaming as hard as possible for help, he had risked his life many times but no one came for them, their fellow citizens, who had given more than a few drops of blood to save their lives, did not appear, he was lonely, desolate and without shelter.He suddenly felt boots running beside him and uttering a loud... It was his most beloved and loyal soldier of all, the soldier Pitrelli, but he did not stop to help, kept going. He was lost, his dear friends had betrayed him and hadn’t help him when he needed ... did not know how long he was well, if they were minutes, hours, days, weeks or lifetimes, only knew suffering, physically andpsychologically, but not died, it was his most desired dream at this moment, but only suffering.

Still confused, felt someone took him, picked him up and settled into a stretcher. Then he felt a shot, did not know what happened ...
He opened his eyes slowly, was in a closed room, saw his soldier consented to his right and realized he had betrayed. There were more people but he can’t distinguish, until ashadow slowly begins to approach again injects a kind of substance, Rattlehead falls back asleep.

The skull beneath the skin.

Scientists belonging to a terrorist group had yet unknown technologies for its time, take him to a room, while it was still in degree of immobility. Among many voices you can hear the words about what they would do with it - ... Prepare the patients scalp to peelaway, metal caps his ears, he’ll hear not what we say. Solid steel visor riveted cross his eyes, Iron staples close his jaw so no one hears his cries... –

He spent years in a dark nightmare, where his skin was torn to pieces, muscles, nerves and veins were cut without discrimination and could do nothing.
Suddenly waking, recalled words in his sleep quite disturbing, words, saying, "How does it...