Vicent van gogh

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Vicent Van Gogh Biography

Vincent Willem van Gogh was born in Groot-Zundert, Netherlands, on March 30, 1853. His father was a Protestant minister, Theodorus van Gogh, and his mother, AnneCornelia, whom we had six children, including Vincent.
Vincent Willem van Gogh began his studies in his hometown, and then the private boarding school in Zevenbergen in 1864 and later in Tilburg from1866 to 1868, returning to his homeland.
In 1969 he went to The Hague to work in an art gallery, and continues its work in Brussels. Later he traveled to perform work in London where he falls in lovewith Ursula Loyer, but is rejected and is plunged into sadness, turns to religion and neglects his work.
He continues to work in Paris, but was dismissed in 1876 for abandoning his jobresponsibilities.
Van Gogh had a bohemian personality, passionate and ill-tempered, recognized by him in family letters.
The painting helped him cope with his loneliness that haunts him throughout his life. Howhe sought refuge in their brushes, snuff and alcohol.
He failed to raise a family. Is assumed to be associated with prostitutes in brothels.
He was admitted in its own order, in the asylum ofSaint-Paul-de-Mausole, after cutting his left ear. He suffered from epilepsy. Around 1885 began to manifest psychosis, which is gradually increasing.
His life is paid for by his brother Theo, who paid theirdebts. The painter, in life did not get money from their works, except for 400 francs, which were achieved with the sale of "Red Vines."
Later he was treated by a doctor of Auvers, who portrayed"Dr. Paul Gachet" in 1890.
That same year, 1890, after finishing his work "Crow on the wheat field, he shot himself on July 27, 1890 and died two days later.

He wrote over 700 letters to his brotherTheo, which were published in 1911 and completed his biography and the list of his work, substantial, some 750 paintings and 1600 drawings.
In 1973 the Museum opened in Amsterdam Vincent Van Gogh,...
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