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  • Publicado : 3 de junio de 2010
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My Perfect House

All the people need a house to live, some where for build his life for, make remembers, and teach and guide to his family, we have so many optionto choose a house, but really how we can know where is this amazing house?

I know about a house, located in “La Florida”, close of the mall Florida center, and mallplaza vespucio. More over talking about is price, is not so expensive, no is free but, is economical for the way like you gonna live .Cost $200 for the month. Iseconomical if you think.

Inside, the house should have 4 bed rooms, one for the marriage, and this have is own bedroom, have a big build in wall robes, so you can keep yourclothes and your couple clothes .Are two rooms for your son, you can painting like you want, a example if pink if you have a girl, and green if you have a boy, withdesign of Ben 10. The kitchen is wonderful, this is fully equipped, you don’t have to bring any furniture of you old kitchen from this house. Have three bad room one forthe visit .others for yours son, and the last for your room.

The garden is so big, the garage is apart of the private parking, the fences is only make if you want,of the color that you choose .in the back have a swimming pool this have a fences for protect you children’s .

Is build in brick, painting white, with a huge gardenfull of flower, and with a pitched roof this house is wonderful

In conclusion, if I going to buy a house, I really chose that house, I think is perfect to guide yourfamily, and teach you children. This house I so secure and cosy, with a style traditional is perfect to live for the rest of your life

Lucia Mancilla Ortiz 3º A
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