A lesson bifore of dying

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By Laura G. Collazo-Ramirez

P-5 | He wanted to run, but he couldn’t run. He couldn´t even think. He didn’t know where he was. He didn’t know how he had gotten there. He couldn’t remember ever getting into the car. He couldn’t remember a thing he had done all day. | I think this person is nervous about any event that was strong as an accident.When this occurs always in crisis and we knowwhat to do. Our mind is clouded and sometimes need a slap. |
p-8 | “I thank you, gentlemen, from the bottom of my heart, for your kind patience. I have no more to say, except this: We must live with our own conscience. Each and every one of us must live with his own conscience.” | These are the words of a lawyer in court. Probably after giving his version of events now leaves the conscience of thejury verdict.Defense lawyers always make our minds to work on the events. They try to convince the jury of the innocence, sensitizing the jury. |
p-11 | We looked at each other a moment, then I looked down at the student’s paper that I had taken from the satchel. The fourth grade writing was nearly illegible, but even if it had been typed I would not have been able to concentrate long enough toread it. My aunt, standing back watching me, knew I was not reading. | This character is a teacher reviews the activities of their students. It is possible that he was thinking about endless things and was not focused on student activities. May thinking of his life as a teacher or social situation of their students, looking for the answer in your mind why I was not reading. |
p-14 | I stoodback from the table and looked at the both of them. I clamped my jaws so thing the veins in my neck felt as if they would burst. I wanted to scream at my aunt; I was screaming inside. I had told her many, times how much I hated this place all I wanted to do was get away. | I think this character Grant, feeling short of breath and listen without saying a word.
You feel trapped in their fears himselfworking in his mind. But he can say what you feel. Can not tell because they do not want to disappoint people who are beside you. |
p-20 | “They called my boy a hog, Mr. Henri”, Miss Emma said. “I didn’t raise no hog, and I don’t want no hog to go set in chair. I want a man to go set in the chair, Mr. Henri.” | Emma talks about her boyfriend Henri. She feels bad that compared to a pig, shecertainly likes what he hears about him. She was sad not to have properly trained your boy. |
p-30 | She nodded. “After the divorce I’ll do whatever you want me to do as long as you’re responsible for what you do”. “In other words, if I fail, I would have to blame myself the rest of my life for trying, is that it?” | She says she should be responsible for all decisions he does, take the plunge andfight to get personal satisfaction. Should not hesitate to help and not wait a lifetime to do so. |
p-35 | Every little thing was irritating me. I caught one of the students trying to figure out a simple multiplication problem on his fingers, and I slashed him hard across the butt with the Westcott ruler. He jerked around too fast and looked at me too angrily for my liking. | Gantt is unhappywith his job as a teacher. Not passionate about seeing their students learn. May think that they failed to become better people, and all work will be in the trash.
Also maybe the social situation of these students is what causes so much annoyance. |
p-40 | “Estelle, leave the class if you can’t control yourself,” I ordered her. She shook her head, but she did not get up, or look at me…I knew thatJefferson was her cousin, but I didn’t apologize for what I had said, nor did I show any sympathy for her crying. | One of the students Gantt is a niece of Jefferson, surely weeps for what is happening with him.
She feels so much pain that changes your mood from happiness to unhappiness. Is a situation that all friends and family will be feeling by Jefferson. |
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By Laura G....
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