Seven lesson for leadership of success

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Seven lessons for leadership of success.

1. Leaders do not wait for permission

We have to win early victories. We must show that something is going. The leadership opportunitiesrequire a pioneering spirit. Waiting for permission to start is not a characteristic of the leaders: Of course, it is acting with a sense of urgency.

2. The character is very important

Themost notable qualities of the leaders are:

• Honesty

• Foresight

• Inspiration

• Competition

This leads to the credibility that comes first:

“If you do not believe inthe messenger, you will not believe in the message"

The first step of this credibility is clarity of personal values.

3. The leaders have their heads in the clouds, feet on earth

Leadersneed a sense of direction and vision for the future. The views on possibilities of future desired

When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure lovethat needs expressing, then we truly live.
~~ Greg Anderson (The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness)

4.The difference is produced by shared values

Shared values:

• Reinforce strongfeelings of personal effectiveness

• Promote high levels of organizational loyalty

• Facilitate consensus on goals

• Generate strong rules about hard and careful work

•Facilitate understanding of the work expectations procedure

• Encourage teamwork and team spirit.

5. the leader cannot do things alone

The leadership is not a solitary act, there isnot a man with a remarkable achievement without the active commitment of many people. The way is not to create a competition between the group members, but to stimulate cooperation. Today's complexworld "the philosophy is not to say “I” it’s better to say “we"

Leadership happens when a leader interacts with followers in the context of a situation. Very often in the euphoria of building so...
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