I feel proud

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The Event That You Must Feel Proud

What do you feel proud of? I feel proud to have been born in P.R. We Puerto Rican peoples have the pride living in a tropical island watch few panoramicspectacular sights and have a few beautiful hot beaches that surround the island. The people of Puerto Rico are charmed with the holidays and tradition. Visitors like to taste variety flavors in ourfood. The Boricua’s have diversity in typical foods, the holiday and place to visit.

The characteristic of Puerto Rican food is the flavor in bacalaito, alcapurria and pasteles. The prideto say in Puerto Rico elaborated first rich Piña Colada. The best thing is to give a stroll and arrive at guavate rich food and a beautiful view. In the town of lares you can’t eat ice cream of riceand kidney beans that are part of the daily feeding of Boricua. The typical meals of this island are inherited of our culture and tradition and often through these meals are that we let ourselvesfeel.
The Puerto Rican person who enjoys celebrations like is Christmas, wich they have parrandas, we celebrated in january the king and many holydays. The celebrating Christmas in September is only.Boricua that does a celebration in street San Sebastian although it does not find space is incredible. In the United States we have the Puerto Rican people shutdown and we let ourselves feel with theuproar. The being only characterizes to us and invites other people to know.
The island has beautiful panoramic views among them beautiful beaches and rivers with impressive an ecologicaldiversity. When a Mexican man speaks enchanted of culebra beaches, I feel Proud because I never visit them. We do not have because to envy other countries they walk you here by a lake to behind schedulearrive at restaurants is divine one. The architecture is beautiful can be seen from the strength, the offices of mayor, castle Serralles, the Moro, you can see through them the history that lived...
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