P.p.a "watching comincs"

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Learning project
“Watching comics”

This Project is addressed to students of sixth grade from the first stage of Basic Education.
* Members of the family.
* Kinds of animals.
* Personal pronouns.
* Definite and indefinite articles.
* Verb to-be.
* Action verbs.
* Colors.
* Clothes.

To use comics as a teaching strategy, in order to learn grammar contents, and improve the speaking skill of sixth grade students from the first stage of Basic Education.

* To identify the members of the family through The Sympsons comics´ characters and to learn the personal pronouns singing Madagascar song.

* To recognize definite andindefinite articles, and different kinds of animals using pictures of Madagascar comics.

* To acquire new vocabulary of clothes and colors through Phineas and Ferb comics’ pictures.

* To learn the use of verb to-be, action verbs and emotions using Phineas and Ferb comics.

The teacher will introduce to the students the members of the family, personalpronouns, and the use of verb to-be, using pictures of the different characters of The Simpsons comics.
He/she will, for example, show the students a picture of “Marge”, the character who represents the mother in the comics and will say “She is the mother”, then, he/she will continuo presenting characters, like “Bart” who represents the son and will say “he is the son”, or “Homer” “he is thefather”, and so on. In that way the students can watch the pictures, listen the correct pronunciation, repeat and learn.
The proposal of this activity is to teach members of the family, personal pronouns and the use of verb to-be at the same time and in a funny, different, attractive and interesting mode.
In order to reinforce the personal pronouns learning process, the teacher will reproduce and thensing with the students the song “I like to move it” from Madascar, which is a happy song that can make the students spend a good time, while they observe different uses of personal pronouns.
As the final part of the activity, the students will have to make a collage using pictures of The Simpsons comics, they will have to identify the family members, verb to-be and personal pronouns, just likethe teacher taught them before, so they will be able to demonstrate what they learnt and will express it in a creative way.


The professor will first teach the students the use of definite and indefinite articles and some kinds of animals using pictures of Madagascar comics.
He/she will show the pupils a picture of “Alex” and will say “It is a Lion”, or “Marty” and willsay “it is a Zebra” or a picture of the elephant and will say “it is an elephant” and so on. After showing each picture and saying the article and the name of the animal, the students will be asked to repeat the whole sentence and practice the pronunciation.
With the idea to support the knowledge given, the teacher will apply to the students a “cards questions game”.
The game consists in a setof cards. Each card will have one or several pictures of the animal´s characters of Madascar comics, accompanied by the question “what is it?” or “what are they?” depending on the case. So the students will have to answer the question saying the correct personal pronoun, the correct definite or indefinite article and the correct name of the animal.
The group of students who get the morequantity of correct answers will be the winners.


The teacher will give the students new vocabulary of clothes and colors using pictures of Phineas and Ferb comics.
He/she will show the students a picture of the characters and will give details of the clothes and the colors, for example, Phineas “he uses a shirt with orange and yellow lines”, or, for Ferb character the teacher...
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