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This tutorial presents a step-by-step introduction to Oracle BPM Studio. It shows you how to model and deploy simple business processes.

Basic Requirements
To complete this tutorial, you need to have installed Oracle BPM Studio 10.3. The latest version of Studio is available in the Oracle Downloads page. BPM Studio provides a separate profile for each of three specific user types:one profile for Business Analysts, one for Business Architects, and another for Developers. Each profile contains a different level of functionality. In this tutorial, you must use the Developer profile. If you use either of the other two profiles, you will not be able to complete the tutorial. To select the Developer profile, on the Studio toolbar, choose Help, then choose Welcome, then chooseDeveloper.

Using the Tutorial
If you are not familiar with Oracle BPM or BPM concepts in general, begin by reading Basic Concepts. Once you have a basic understanding of Oracle BPM, read The Expense Report Process. This section presents both the business process to be modeled and the process as designed with Oracle BPM. Five activities follow, each with a number of tasks. They enable you to buildthe ExpenseManagement project together with the ExpenseReport process. The activities are: 1. Activity 1: Initial Steps 2. Activity 2: Building the Happy Path 3. Activity 3: Defining the Expense Report Object 4. Activity 4: Adding Alternative Paths 5. Activity 5: Finishing Touches
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Basic Concepts
If you are not familiar with Oracle BPM Studio or BPM concepts ingeneral, read the topics in this section. If you have used previous versions of Studio, you can skip this section. Business Process Overview A business process is a sequence of business tasks and activities that, when executed, produces a well-defined outcome. Once this outcome is achieved, the process is complete. Process Instance Overview A business process is a sequence of steps. A process instanceis a specific item moving through those steps. Flow Object Overview A flow object models a step in a business process. Transitions Overview A transition advances the process from one flow object to another. In Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), transitions are also known as connecting objects.

Business Process Overview
A business process is a sequence of business tasks and activitiesthat, when executed, produces a well-defined outcome. Once this outcome is achieved, the process is complete. A simple business process can involve hiring an employee, processing a sales order, or reimbursing a business expense. A more complex business process can involve many people and activities across an organization. Sometimes the main goal of a process cannot be achieved. For example, if aproduct is out of stock, a shipping clerk may need to cancel a sales order. For this reason, a business process must provide for outcomes other than the principal goal. For example, if the product is out of stock it may be possible to offer the client an alternative that the client can then accept or reject. Thus, a process can have a range of possible outcomes.

Business processesinclude logical steps, called activities, each of which can involve performing one or more tasks. There are two types of activities: automatic and interactive. Automatic activities are executed automatically by the Process Execution Engine, whereas interactive activities require human input. The activities of a business process are linked by transitions, which determine the order in which they areperformed and the basic workflow of the process.

Roles and Participants
Each interactive activity belongs to a role, that is, a title or job function performed by participants in the organization. For example, a role could be Supervisor or Finance Administrator. Participants are the individuals who interact with the process. To perform an activity, a participant must be assigned the role...
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