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Like all origins, Rome is shrouded in a dense fog of history, and that is that there are few scenarios that have arisen in this regard. Of course I'm not going to say this or that one is true because that nobody knows for sure, so do not make that mistake and I shall endeavor to inform you that happened in the Italian peninsula, and particularly around the mouth Tiber River,later introducing me to some of the existing theories.
By 800 BC, in the central part of what we now know as Italy, although there were many people who in most cases had the same blood the truth is that it looks quite enjoyed making war on each other. Just calm down to address some common enemy or to certain religious holidays. These highlighted the Umbrians, the Latins and the Sabines, but if therewere a people who dominated much this was the Etruscans.
Italy in the beginning, Etruria
Fast forward a few millennia ago, about 8000 BC Italy was inhabited by the Ligurians in the North and in the South verses. For the remains found are known to have shaped head 'pear' (thank goodness that today we can not come up with anyone looking like this lol ..) living between caves and round huts made ofmud and manure, domesticated fed animals and hunting and fishing. We were very similar to those of 'Once upon a time life'
About the year 2000 B.C. come through the Alps other tribes from Central Europe. Although not very advanced to introduce some innovations as above were agriculture, livestock, building fabric and bastions (or walls) of mud and packed earth around the villages to fend offother animals and men. Gradually descending to the south of the peninsula, learned, apparently from other Germanic tribes, the use of iron and founded a real city that was called Villanova (by Bologna, more or less), which was the center of a civilization is precisely called Villanova. The villanovenses not really know they did with the Ligurians and verses (surely the would charge, to deny), thefact is that they are derived from race, customs and language of the Umbrians, Sabines and Latins.
1,000 years after the first invasion of these tribes, and once they were more or less established, emerged in Italy what many say was the first 'true civilization' of the place. They called themselves the Rasena and Greeks called Tyrrhenoi (hence the name Tyrrhenian Sea), but went down in history asthe Etruscans and the land they inhabited was called Etruria, extending along the west coast of Italy from the Tiber to the Arno River (about 360 km to the northwest). Whence came the Etruscans? How did they live? almost all of this we leave to devote an issue to hand.
Several hypotheses about the founding of the city (753 BC)
Well, we have to Italy in the mid-eighth century BC with many towns andcities as junipers, as Latino as Etruscan. Once located go through each of the hypotheses (in some cases with much of legend).
First hypothesis, the albalonganos
The most important city for those dollars near the Tiber was Alba Longa, capital of Latium (if, if, as the football team). From there it is assumed that one day left a handful of young (about a hundred among which perhaps encontrasenRomulus and Remus) and about 12 km further north founded Rome. They chose this place for various reasons, mainly because they were about 20 miles from the sea safe from pirates who swarmed the area, along the bayou leading to the sea could be made as it was navigable harbor and the hills that acted around protection. So settled but had a problem, most were single and not women abounded. Well, goback again to the legend (as much as I though).
Legend has it that Romulus for wives organized a big party to celebrate the birth of the city, and invited their neighbors the Sabines, with their king Titus Tatius and especially their daughters (women, men, urg urg, lol). They came and stole those daughters and gave them a nice kick out of town.
No wonder that the next day acudieran parents and...
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