La vida humana

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The causes of asthma are numerous, but its manifestation is similar in all cases: is the partial obstruction of the bronchi and bronchioles due to a contraction of the muscles of their walls. Thebronchi are the tubes that carry during breathing oxygen into the lung cavities and carbon dioxide to the outside The contraction of the bronchi causes difficulty breathing, particularly duringexpiration. Secretion that occurs within the bronchi, and bronchial wall thickening caused by inflammation, are other factors that contribute to respiratory distress. In asthmatics are recognized for theirbreathing property, with quick short breaths and exhaling long and loud. Unlike bronchitis, in which there is a constant wheezing, asthma attacks occur at different intervals and intensities. Theasthmatic crisis can be resolved spontaneously or after applying any appropriate therapy, even though medicine has not found any definitive solution to the disease.

Usually, the first asthmaattacks occur during childhood or adolescence. However, on rare occasions can also occur in adulthood. Some shortcuts are produced for no apparent reason, but in many cases are triggered from allergicreactions to substances as diverse as pollen, dust, particulates from pet hair or spores of some fungi. Certain foods, beverages, preservatives and medicines such as aspirin, can also cause asthmaticresponses. But the most common trigger house dust, which is deposited the feces of certain microscopic mites that thrive particularly in warm and humid. Some people have asthma attacks after practicingsome vigorous exercise, irritant by inhalation, after certain infections, and even emotional or psychological disorders such as anxiety.

In very severe cases cyanosis occurs, . Alsopossible that your skin appears pale and intense perspiration and sticky. Asthma attacks can last from minutes to several hours, but as always begin an accumulation of secretions in the lungs, which often...
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