905 Vessel particular questionnaire

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  • Publicado : 19 de septiembre de 2010
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A Troubleshooting Guide to SIRE Applications
This document provides a systematic methodology for troubleshooting problems and errors with any of the field SIRE applications, namely, the VesselInspection Questionnaire (VIQ), the Vessel Particulars Questionnaire (VPQ) and the SIRE Enhanced Report Manager (SERM). Users that are experiencing problems or suspect that their SIRE applications are notperforming correctly should work through the steps described below. In the event that this troubleshooting guide is not able to address your problem it provides a standardized reporting form forescalating the problem to SIRE management and where necessary the system development contractor.

Step 1.

Check your current Program Version Number.

Firstly you should start by checking the currentversion number of the SIRE program that you are running. A number of problems and bugs have been identified and corrected in these updates. At the time of writing the current SIRE program versionnumbers are as follows. Vessel Inspectors Questionnaire (VIQ) Vessel Particulars Questionnaire (VPQ) Sire Enhanced Report Manager (SERM) V2.0.92 [15th May 1998] V2.0.94 [14th May 1998] V2.0.56 [6 June1999]

It is recommended that you check for any later version updates on the World Wide Web at http://www.ocimf.com from where these updates may be downloaded. These updates fix all known bugs and insome cases provide some feature enhancements.

Step 2. Check whether your symptoms are described on the above Web site.
The web site (http://www.ocimf.com) includes a comprehensive listing of knownsymptoms, their causes and steps to rectify them. In many cases known problems require that a SIRE program upgrade is installed (Step 1) but some problems require that a program is configured orsetup in a particular manner.

Step 3.

Check your computer Operating System.

If after working through Steps 1 and 2 your problem remains you should check that your computer system is running one...
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