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CCNA 4 – Chapter 1


1. At which two layers of the OSI model does a WAN operate? (Choose two.)
• Physical Layer
• Data Link Layer
• Network Layer
• Transport Layer
• Presentation Layer
• Application Layer
2. Which three WAN devices can be found in the cloud? (Choose three.)
• ATM switches
• core routers
• Ethernet switches
• Frame Relay switches
• repeaters
3.Which networking device is typically used to concentrate the dial-in and dial-out traffic of multiple users to and from a network?
• core router
• access server
• Frame Relay switch
• ATM switch
4. Which packet-switched WAN technology offers high-bandwidth connectivity capable of managing data, voice, and video all on the same infrastructure?
• Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)
• metroEthernet
• Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
• Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
5. Which three features are identified with Frame Relay connections? (Choose three.)
• 53-byte cells
6. Which WAN technology uses a fixed payload of 48 bytes and is transported across both switched and permanent virtual circuits?
• Frame Relay
•metro Ethernet
7. What are two advantages of an analog PSTN WAN connection? (Choose two.)
• low cost
• availability
• traffic encryption
• available bandwidth
• support for voice and video
8. What three terms are associated with ISDN PRI? (Choose three.)
• circuit switching
• packet switching
• data bearer channels
• switched virtual circuits
• time-division multiplexing
9.What can cause a reduction in available bandwidth on a cable broadband connection?
• smaller cells
• number of subscribers
• committed information rate
• distance from the central office of the provider
10. What type of connectivity is established when VPNs are used from the remote site to the private network?
• PVCs
• tunnels
• virtual circuits
• dedicated Layer 2 links
11. A requires a WAN connection used only to transfer sales data from individual stores to the home office. All transfers will occur after business hours. The required bandwidth for this connection is estimated to be less than 38 kbps. Which type of connection requires the least investment for this company?
• analog dialup
• T1 Leased Line
12. For digital lines, which deviceis used to establish the communications link between the customer equipment and the local loop?
• Frame Relay switch
• ISDN switch
• modem
• PBX switch
13. Which term describes a device that will put data on the local loop?
14. Which switching type will allow the communication devices in the provider network to be shared and only allocated to anindividual subscriber during data transfer?
• circuit-switched
• dedicated switched lines
• frame-switched
• packet-switched
15. A company needs a WAN connection that is capable of transferring voice, video, and data at a minimum data rate of 155 Mbps. Which WAN connection is the best choice?
• X.25
16. Which two devices are commonly used as datacommunications equipment? (Choose two.)
• modem
• router
• ISDN switch
• Ethernet switch
17. Which statement is true of the functionality of the layers in the hierarchical network model?
• The purpose of the access layer is to provide very high bandwidth communications between network devices.
• Most security screening to prevent unauthorized entry to the network happens at the corelayer.
• Untrusted external connections are segmented from the rest of the network at all three levels.
• The core layer uses high speed equipment to provide policy-based connectivity.
• The distribution layer aggregates WAN connections at the edge of the campus.
18. Which statement is true about data connectivity between a customer and a service provider?
• Normally the CSU/DSU is the...
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