Abercrombie & fitch. marketing plan

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A&F presents itself as a “way of life”; it is a brand that tries to capture the values and attractiveness of the popular culture. Stores are decorated throughout with murals where you can see attractive young men and women, dance music plays loud and A&F cologne scent pervades the room. Abercrombie’s stores are also provided withthe attractive “brand representatives”, young sellers who capture Abercrombie & Fitch’s way of life: handsome/beautiful, athletic, popular, enthusiastic and extrovert.
For years, brand representatives we’re obliged to dress exclusively A&F clothing, but these rules were abolished after various trials. The term “brand representative” was stopped being used and the sellers became directly models ofthe brand. In 2004, Impact Team was created to improve stock control in the stores and to maintain the firm’s standards. Members of the Impact Team are less responsible for customer service and more responsible of making sure the store is appropriately provided with the season’s clothing. Some speculated that the Impact Team also provided the firm with better labor opportunities, given personnelinteract less with customers, and style and personality became less important.

The product we’re trying to introduce in Barcelona is basically Abercrombie’s way of life. This has previously been successful in many cities with a similar cultural diversity and internationality to Barcelona’s, as is the case of London’s store or Milan’s.

• Company’sMission
Abercrombie’s main mission is to provide comfortable and long lasting clothes that look good.
A&F desires to attract and retain the best available executives associated to this industry. The highest level of performance wants to be obtained to serve the best interests of the company and its stockholders. Also, is to attain objectives by offering associates the opportunity to acquire stockownership interests in the company so maximum effort is implemented to succeed in the industry.
A&F has the satisfaction that its products and the implemented effort to make them are of great quality. This business is known for its casual luxury products using great materials, oriented to be ‘body conscious’ and to satisfy the necessities of the consumer. It also sells other types of goodslike, perfumes, complements, etc. All of them seen as strategies used to develop the brand easily recognisable.
The main heart measures of A&F are the sale of products, in particular, clothes is seen as the main sold product.
There is a range of assist measures A&F takes into consideration and to which they give great importance. First of all, the company establishes an A&F brand safety program;this is quite necessary to make sure costumers get their original products and no have to cope with counterfeits. An image of quality is an important aim for A&F.
A&F has many subsidiaries. Brands included are Gilly Hicks, which sells underwear for females of about eighteen, and Hollister Co., where products are oriented to possible young ‘grownups’ involving the ages of fourteen and eighteen.With these subsidiaries and A&F itself, age groups targeted are fourteen to thirty five approximately.
A&F has also dedicated a large amount of its resources towards humanitarian and societal campaigns.

• Financial and market objectives
A&F is a market leader in this type of retail industry, specialized on clothes. It has clearly outperformed its competitors and it is thought that the companywill continue to be at the forefront of the industry in the future. There have been quite a few innovative inventory management and has been able to establish one of the strongest brands in the speciality retail market.
When evaluating growth perspectives of A&F, analysts agree in the fact that management will continue succeeding in developing the company and big revenues will be obtained....
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