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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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Abortion is an interruption of pregnancy that can be surgical or by medication if it correctly performed it helps the sicologycal health of the woman and some cases also physical.That’s we we support the idea of the write of woman to decided in it case. As an introduction we will give impanation about the tecnices use nowadays. The most frecuent an is theaspiration.

This tecnice is safe when correctly performed but it is necessary to control within fifteen days of the operation to ensure correct recovery on to be able to talk about analternative plan to prevent pregnancy. Beside pregnancy can be interrupted by medications. However not all woman can have access to are you pill. There may be complication in case ofincomplete evacuation blliding infections, perforation or tearing of the organ.

On the other hand having laws thay say Abortion is not permitted don’t guaranteed illegal oneswhere not only the life of the fetus ( baby ) is in danger, also the mothers life. Abortion must be legal and the decision must be taken by the pregnant women. The most common opinionis the defense of free abortion as a right ( law ).

The reason is that the fetus ( baby ) is just the length of the mother’s organ, including to attempt against her life. Themajority of the arguments in favors to abortion suggest that it can helpful for the mother and charitable for the baby. There are exceptions, for example: the teenager who was a victim ofa sexual attact, can have physical or psychological problem .

Recognize women as subjects with moral capacity to express opinions, choose and act, don’t can break the rules oftraditional rights. Also, the maternity is represented as the possibility and the choice to continue with it can be something dangerous for the physical and mental health of the mother .
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