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  • Publicado : 17 de agosto de 2012
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How many times have we heard that someone is dealing with drugs or alcohol? A lot of people, especially younger ones, have addictions. It is not rare tohear about it every day. Everywhere we can see how drugs and alcohol can destroy our minds, our bodies, why do people keep doing it? Why is so difficult to stay away from them?
Body:Defining an addiction is tricky, and knowing how to handle one is even harder. You can abuse a drug or alcohol without having an addiction. When we think of addiction, we usually think of alcohol orillegal drugs, but people become addicted to medications, cigarettes, even glue!
Taking drugs or drinking alcohol is not bad if done under control. The worst part is when you can not controlthe anxiety of doing it. An addict can be very aggressive in an anxiety attack. And the result of them not only could be death or illness but can also cause family disintegration.
Addictscan also be victims. It may be hard to believe but it is true. Many of them came in addictions because the environment in which they live is not very good. They live in divorces, withoutattention from their parents, or many times, induced by bad friends. And, without realizing it, they fall into addictions. There are many others that fell on them just to "know how it feels," knowingthe risks of these.
Sometimes it seems that people become addicted intentionally, because in most schools, government programs, on television and other media tell us about the risks of drugsand alcohol, how to prevent children from falling into addictions, etc, but still every day increases the number of addicts. It seems like a way of being rebels.
Although todaythere are many methods to combat addictions, it is a very difficult get out from them completely. Addictions are like a huge network that traps the people and not let them go so easily.