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Fornearly 7 million individuals, businesses,
and 82% of the FORTUNE 500, Box provides
simple, secure content sharing from anywhere,
on any device – documents, spreadsheets,
images, you name it. WithBox, you take it all
wherever you go.

A Hard Drive in the Cloud:
Online Storage

Organize all your files into folders
Store all kinds of files online, then arrange
them into folders justlike on your desktop.
View and access files on demand
Box provides anytime, anywhere access
to your files from any device – whether
you’re in Nebraska or Norway.
Convenience and peace of mindThrowing thumb drives in your bag,
transferring files to CDs, stressing about
a stolen laptop – that’s yesterday. Today,
everything’s on Box.

G et and Share Big Files
Quickly and shared

Manage Your Content
In The Cloud
By combining the core features of traditional
content management with the usability of typical
online collaboration software, Box is reinventing
howbusinesses share, manage, and access all of
their content with Cloud Content Management.
Empowering the New Knowledge Worker
Capture – Put your content in the cloud for
access anywhere, anytimeSend a link
Paste it into an email or an instant
message, even send directly from Box.
Receive real-time updates
Always know when someone’s viewed,
edited or commented on your file.

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