Administracion de personal y planeacion

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Lea con atencion este articulo y en grupo determinen la importancia o validez de la administración de personal y la planeación en el siglo 21 en las empresas turísticas. (en Word arial 12 dos cuartillas) 2 de febrero debate en clase a favor y en contra.

Understanding Key Factors that play a vital role in personnel management and planning in an organization
Management plays a key role in thedevelopment of the Business enterprise. It means getting any work done by other people. Management system has some core functionalities such as planning organizing, staffing and controlling the efforts of human beings who are working in the concerned in the enterprise.
Management basically deals with all the persons working in the concern who are responsible for managing an organization. Everyonein the organization will have certain responsibilities and duties in the enterprise. Personnel management includes planning and directing the applications, development and utilization of human resource in the enterprise. Employees, unions, public relationship also plays a key role in personnel management. So there is a need for personnel Management and planning of the members play a vital role inthe Enterprise.
Personnel Management is an important branch in Management of any business enterprise. It holds a key to all actions and successful management. It is also concerned with human and social implications of change in internal organization and methods of working and of economic and social changes in the community. The main aim is to establish a better coordination between all the membersfrom top level management to down below the subordinates to have better cooperation, better focus to bring out innovative ideas, their objectives, understanding in the enterprise. Co-operative relationship is achieved within the enterprise by creating harmonious relations, genuine consultation and participation and system of effective communication.
Personnel management should designed in such away it will have the capability to respond to the changes. Maintain a good relationship within the organization; meet the enterprise social and legal responsibilities. Human relations have to be nurtured constantly in the enterprise. Only the enterprise, which is conscious of this need, can achieve their targets by efficiently handling their available resources for a particular process.
Theobjectives of personnel management in any working organization are, to bring development of individuals, maintain a safe and effective environmental conditions, utilize the available resources, to ensure job satisfaction among workers. What are all the objective to be focused?
Ø Social.
Ø Personnel.
Ø Enterprise.
Ø Union.
Social objective is concerned about how the enterprise creates new employmentopportunities, how the productivity of the enterprise can be maximized, bring satisfaction to the work force, avoidance of wastage of resources and promote a healthy relationship between the human and the social welfare.
Personnel objectives specifies the needs of the members by providing job security, maximizing the development of the members, provide proper working environmental conditions toworkers. Enterprise objective is to bring a balance between demand and supply of the personnel and maintain competent workers in the enterprise. Union objective deals with formulation of personnel policies in consultation with unions and self-discipline within the enterprise.
Financial and physical resources required for a particular process to be done, and the members of the organization. PersonnelManagement is responsible for both the enterprise operating system and the workers. Other areas in which personnel management is expected to help the workers are include maintenance of personnel records, determination of wage policy, methods and rates of remuneration.
Characteristics of good personnel management are:
Ø Stability, to appoint or replace key personnel executives with minimal loss
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