Adolescence in mexico

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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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Adolescence in Mexico

The adolescence is the stage in life where the humans have changes almost in every part of his life. It comes with enormous changes physicals and emotional, and as aresult the child will became an adult. In this step of life that is the adolescence it will be defined the personality of the person also the way of thinking because the child that is changingto an adult he stop his behavior as a child and start creating a new identity that it would be for all his life. In order to have a good development in this step of life the adolescence have tohad a appropriated environment and in this will be included the family, the school and the society(primary and secondary relations).
Adolescence in Mexico have two main problems the first oneis the pregnancy in teenagers according to UNICEF there are almost 1 million of adolescence between 12 and 20 years old that have this problem and this is part of the second problem withteenagers in Mexico that is that the students leave the school (“around 3 million of adolescents between 12 and 17”), there are many reason why the students leave school the most commons are becausethe bad quality of education and this will affect in their psychological development because the knowledge is necessary in this era but the biggest cause is the necessity to work.
But what isbehind this necessity to work, there are the ones who have to help in their families in order to survive (this teenagers did not have any secure area because if they have the necessity to worktheir basic necessities are not cover) or the other kind that are the ones who are forced to work by family or relatives (with this kind of relations the adolescent can have a good development.As conclusion I can said that the adolescence in Mexico have one problem that is the education and because of that became many problems in the development of adolescence on teenagers.
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