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Ceremonies in Ecuador

Celebration of fifteen years
The fifteen years celebration is full of symbolisms that exemplify that important passage of the childhood to the adult life. Somefamilies keep the tradition to use a wrist like part of the ritual of the celebration, and also some fifteen years choose to their favorite wrists like reason for inspiration for theirdecorations, table centers or memories.
Oath of allegiance to the flag
The students and the military cadets of Ecuador are forced to recite a promise to the flag, known like the Oath ofallegiance to the flag. This one declaims generally during the national holidays, or important civic events, such as graduations of the schools.
The graduation is alwaysrealized of joint way with the companions of the same level, attending all together ones a space previously equipped with specific day and schedule. Normally, the relatives of the graduatedstudents can attend and after to realize the delivery of diplomas it is possible to be come to different types from celebrations or ceremonies that can vary according to the country or tothe particular region.
By baptism reference to a rite becomes of initiation or purification, that is common in several and different religions, as well as in several Christiancommunions and denominations.
The Christian baptism consists of a certain application of the water on a person, invoking to the Trinidad: the Father, the Son and the Spirit Santo (or toJesus only, in some versions of the Christianity), with the purpose of to make participate to whom receives in the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, constituting to him: prophet,priest and king along with Christ, son (a) of God and heir (a) of its Kingdom, and integrating the community to him of the Church, like alive member of the Mystical Body of Christ.
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