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In the following essay we can see and analyze the story of “Animal Farm” taking in consideration the following points:
* How were the seven commandments corrupted throughout the development of the story.
* How is the idea of the utopic society developed in the story.
* Analysis of characters in parallelism with levels of society.* According to Orwell “How easily totalitarian propaganda can control the opinion of enlighted people in democratic countries” How is this idea developed throughout the story.
Talking about the first point we can see trough the story how the seven commandments are corrupted one by one by the pigs. They do not only corrupted them but they also changed them and fooled the other animalspersuading them that they were right and that they did not violated any of the commandments. They changed the words in the wall and since most of the animals didn’t knew how to read they modified them and told them that they were originally like that taking advantage of them because they were too innocent and they trusted them also because of their ignorance.
The first commandment to be broken was“Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.” To consider snowball as an enemy, after Napoleon took him out by chasing him with the dogs, he considered Snowball as an enemy and he put the rest of the animals against him by talking about him as a traitor, they also made up the story to see him as a traitor. Even though Snowball was an animal of the farm, had great ideas and was smart,Napoleon wanted to get rid of him and he did it taking him out of the farm and then giving his version of the story to prove that he was a traitor and that he should not be trusted.
The second commandment to be more or less broken was “Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.” In this case we can see that Napoleon makes an alliance with other farmers in order to keep the farm going and stop fromstarvation, he made deals and let Mr. Whymper visit the farm to make the exchange of the goods for other material things done by humans or food because they were starving, that time they broke with the idea that two legs is an enemy.
The third to be broken was “No animal shall sleep in a bed.” This commandment is corrupted when the pigs start living on the house making up the story saying that theyneeded a place to express their ideas and to think, they started using the house and even the beds, and when the animals noticed that and wanted to tell Napoleon that this was against of one of the seven commandments they saw it on the wall and it was already changed to “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets” and then Squealer persuaded them about their mistake and then the animals gotsatisfied with the explanation.
The fourth commandment that was changed was “No animal shall kill any other animal” all started when Napoleon, even knowing that Snowball was not the one making a conspiracy against the farm, executed animals that confessed any relation with Snowball even if it was only a dream. He killed them all and then changed the commandment to “No animal shall kill any otheranimal without cause.” Making himself excused in front of the other animals and as always Squealer persuading the animals that they were wrong.
The fifth commandment to be broken was “No animal shall drink alcohol” and they break it and even change it twice after the second battle they get drunk and not only state that the one who drinks alcohol will be punished to death penalty but later on theychanged to their convenience by stating that no animal should drink alcohol in excess.
The sixth was “All animals are equal” this commandment is broken I believe in the moment that the pigs moved to the house and ate better than the others but it is more obvious in chapter 9 when it says “it was announced that later, when bricks and timber had been purchased, a schoolroom would be built in the...
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