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Located in the South American continent, a part of the Southern Cone together with Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Brazil.
Its northern border with Bolivia and Paraguay. Theborder with Bolivia is marked on the border fixed Cochinoca saw the Rio Grande de San Juan, Bermejo, Grande de Tarija, Itaú and Pilcomayo and the parallel 22, and also by the treaty of 1889, by whichArgentina ceded its claim to the province of Tarija in exchange for the Puna de Atacama. Paraguay's, however, is occupied by the Pilcomayo, Paraguay and Paraná as a treaty and an award (award Hayes),both from 1876.
To the east with Brazil, Uruguay, the Rio de la Plata and the Argentine Sea. The Brazilian border is demarcated, according to Cleveland on Mission Award (1895), in the Iguassu, SanAntonio, Pepirí Guazú and Uruguay. The borders with Uruguay, marking the eponymous river and the de la Plata, boundaries agreed by the Treaty of Rio de la Plata.
Bordered on the west by Chile, whosecommon border is mostly formed by the Andes, demarcated according to the treaty of 1881, 1899 and 1995 and 1902 British awards (Patagonian Andes). The Beagle Conflict on the Beagle Channel was resolvedby a papal mediation accepted by both countries.
The southern tip of Argentina goes to the Drake Passage, which links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Pre-Columbian art in the publicinterest lies in the culture of the diaguitas, especially the pottery of the calchaquíes, they are located in Tucuman and Santiago del Estero, from the Spanish colonization consolidated during severalcenturies of art.

The architecture dates back to the arrival of the Spanish in Argentina, but in the eighteenth century, had a great impact, and the Italian influence helped build ourworld heritage, composing French neoclassical models even in the twentieth century, after half of the twentieth century, Argentina tried to find a style of architecture.

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