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Journal of Materials Processing Technology 103 (2000) 149±154

Implementation of TPM in cellular manufacture
G. Chand, B. Shirvani*
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Technology, University of Central England, Birmingham, B42 2SU, UK

Abstract A fundamental component of world-class manufacturing (WCM) is that of total productive maintenance (TPM), linked to both total quality management(TQM) and the concepts of continuous-¯ow manufacturing which are embedded in cellular manufacturing. An investigation was conducted in collaboration with a ®rst tier automotive component supplier to determine the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of a semi-automated assembly cell. The big losses associated with equipment effectiveness were also identi®ed. The production output of the cell overthe observed period was 26 515. This represents 97% good components, 0.33% scrap and 2.67% rework. The number of stoppages recorded was 156, where the 10 most common causes were identi®ed. The OEE was 62% and the six big losses represent 38% loss of the productive time. Based on the ®ndings, it was recommended that a pilot project to be conducted to implement a TPM programme for the cell and expandit further to the other cells in the factory. # 2000 Elsevier Science S.A. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Total productive maintenance; Planned preventive maintenance; World class manufacture; Overall equipment effectiveness and just-in-time

1. Introduction The collaborating company is internationally oriented, and is one of the leading suppliers of automotive components world-wide. The UKoperation is a newly founded member of this global organisation and has recently established itself in the UK market due to the competitively ®erce and global scope of demand placed for their products; inconjunction to the ever growing automotive investments in the UK markets. Aware of the need for change of culture, the company has recently acquired BS EN ISO 9000 accreditation, and is currentlypreparing to gain the newly recognised QS 900 certi®cation. As part of the company's strategic plan in pursuit of world-class manufacturing (WCM) status, it is required to implement a total productive maintenance (TPM) programme in order to ensure smooth operation under the constraints of a just-in-time (JIT) production environment. A feasibility study was conducted on a semi-automated assemblycell, in order to determine the OEE of the cell as well as establishing the associated big losses.

1.1. Companys manufacturing and operation strategies The new modern built plant has recently set-up on a green-®eld site, and employs around 150 people. The manufacturing layout comprises of three distinct cells which are gradually becoming more customer-focused. The `JIT' philosophy and the overallshop-¯oor layout and it's facilities which incorporates a kanban system, helps ensure that production scheduling is customer-based, as opposed to capacity-based. The production operation includes: forming shop, toolroom and a fully equipped product test-room. There are three assembly cells: semi-automated, manually-operated and ¯exible cell. An integrated computer system is used to control andmonitor production planning and scheduling which provides accurate and `real-time' processing of information to control production progress which is linked to an electronic data interchange (EDI) system for scheduling and customer order processing. 1.2. Global competition The automotive component industry is undergoing radical changes, and customers are placing greater expectations due tocompetitively ®erce and ever increasing global sourcing.

Corresponding author. E-mail address: (B. Shirvani)


0924-0136/00/$ ± see front matter # 2000 Elsevier Science S.A. All rights reserved. PII: S 0 9 2 4 - 0 1 3 6 ( 0 0 ) 0 0 4 0 7 - 6


G. Chand, B. Shirvani / Journal of Materials Processing Technology 103 (2000) 149±154

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