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It’s no doubt that these are uncertain times. With headlines carrying news about job losses, finding a new job can be a challenging experience. If you unexpectedly find yourself out of work, or arechoosing to re-enter the job market after a break, you need the right tools to find the right job. Here, we give you four easy steps to help bring your resume to the top of the pile.
1. Start with astrategy
Beginning your search with a solid strategy can help clear your head, and alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes with job hunting.
Research, at this stage, is key. Start by listing yourexperience, skills and job requirements. This will help weed out unsuitable jobs and make your preferences clear. List everything – from being a sales queen, to presiding over your neighbourhoodassociation, to finishing the marathon: the more skills and experience you have, the more you can make it shine.
Next, research jobs available in your field, noting parallel experience and skills gainedin previous roles. If you’re looking to switch career gears, investigate the potential industry, companies and positions, using sources like newspaper articles, or annual reports. Tools’s Get Your Dream Job widget offer FAQs, common positions, and top employers for many industries.
Starting your search with strategy means less stress: before you send out your first resume, you’ve gota clear idea of what you’re looking for.
2. Search for available jobs
Once you’ve narrowed down your prospective positions and industry, get your search going. Utilise newspapers, local listings,and most importantly, online job searches, where you can access thousands of jobs in hundreds of industries. Online, you can make your search as vague or detailed as you like, narrowing down your searchcriteria by location, salary, work type and roles.
Once you’ve found something you want to take further, get back into research: learn more about the organisation, its structure and history.
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