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English Department

Name and grade: ___________________________________________________


1.- My grandmother’s daughter is my _mother___________________
2.- My mother’shusband is my ___father______________
3.- My fathers brother is my __uncle_______________
4.- My mothers sister is my __aunt_______________
5.- My fathers daughter is my ___sister_______________
6.-My sister’s brother is my ___brother________________
7.- My uncle’s daughter is my mother’s ___niece__________
8.- My aunt’s son is my father’s ___nephew____________
9.- My father’s mother is my___grandmother______________
10.- My mother’s father is my ___grandfather_______________

Put in the verb you think applies into the gap, use will or going to.

1.- Phillip __isgoing to be_____________ 15 next Wednesday. (To be)
2.- They ___are going to a new_____________ a new computer. (To get)
3.- I think, my mother ____will like__________ this CD. (To like)
4.- Paul’ssister ___is going to have____________ a baby. (To have)
5.- They ____will arrive at___________ at about 4 in the afternoon. (To arrive)
6.- Just a moment. I __will hep____________ you with thebags. (To help)
7.- In 2020 people __is going to buy___________ more hybrid cars. ( To buy)
8.- Marvin ____is going to throw___________ a party next week. (To throw)

Fill in thechart with the comparatives and superlatives.

|Positive |Comparatives |Superlatives |
|Old|Older |The oldest |
| Cold |Colder |the coldest |
|young|younger  |The youngest  |
|High | Higher | The highest...
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