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Independent Book Reports

To go along with your Reading Logs and independent reading at home, you will be asked to completed at least 4 independent book reports this year. You must do one everybimester. Completion of more than four will result both in extra credit for you and a reward for the entire class.

You may choose from the following list, or propose a different idea for a projectto me. You may only use each selection once.

Create a board game using vocabulary, information, and characters from your story. Be sure to include instructions that tell the rulesand object of the game. Make game pieces and cards.

■ Diorama
Create a diorama, using a shoe box and artistic materials to show an important scene from the book. Also, type a page explaining thescene, why it is important to the story, and why you chose to recreate it.

■ Newspaper
Create the front page of a newspaper that might have come out during the time and place of your story. Youshould include events that either included or effected the characters.

■ Pen Pal
Write a letter to one of the characters in the story. Tell him how different or similar your life is to his and askhim any questions you have for him based on the story. (One page typed).

■ Letter to the Author
Write a letter to the author of the story. You might ask questions you have about the story, whyhe wrote it, or give him suggestions for what you might have changed. (One page typed).
■ Book Jacket
Draw or design on a computer a new front and back cover for your book. The front should includethe title, author's name, and your name as the illustrator. The back should be a brief summary about the book that leaves the reader in suspense about what will happen.

■ Movie Poster
Your storyis about to become a major movie, and you have been chosen to design the
promotional poster! Include the title, author of the book, a listing of the major characters in the book and the actors and...
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