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What is the problem were trying to solve?
How to introduce Axe hair products into the market while delivering an
impactful and entertaining message the builds on the existing Axe brand andincreases consumption across all product lines.
Who are we trying to motivate?
Males age 16 ‒ 34.
What triggers will drive our consumers to our product?
Knowing that Axe products can help get thegirl will drive our target market
to choose Axe hair products.
How will we do it?
Get our target market to believe that hair care, maintenance, and style is
extremely important in winning over theopposite sex. Get them to believe
that by using Axe hair products, they will become more attractive to women
and more condent in their approach to the opposite sex
Why should they believe?
•Generation Y is more socially conscious than any previous generation.
In essence, they are trend conscious. If Axe hair products can cause a
trend in the target market, the brand itself willblow up within the

Our target is very product loyal and believe in badge brands, if we use
consistent marketing focused on getting the girls, Axe can not only
turn existing usersinto new users of the hair line, but also new users
into the existing product line

There is currently no dominant mens hair care product in the market,
therefore a new product line could beextremely successful if marketed

Our target market is the rst to grow up with technology such as the
Internet and mobile phones. There is vast opportunity in the online
marketingfor this product including a number of web 2.0 options as
well as many promotional events and sponsorships.
How can we identify ourselves within the competitive market?
Look to extend to newplaces and in new ways that will hit the target market
we our trying to appeal to. 97% of our target market owns cell phones and
68% text message so mobile phone advertising will be extremely...
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