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Please omit this page when submitting the business plan.

Please keep in mind the following points:
1) This business plan template is ONLY FOR START UPS; BiD Network defines a start up as follows: A start-up company has not generated sales yet and focuses on creating a new business.
2) Make sure to delete all explanation texts we offer, given in italics below eachquestion in this template, once you have completed this template.
3) This template is NOT obligatory; you are welcome to submit your own business plan template, and/or your own overview of your financial statements.


For a start-up company


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0.Executive Summary 3


Give an executive summary of your business plan.

Please note: the executive summary of a business plan is the window for the rest of the business plan. An investor will decide on basis of this summary if he/she finds the plan interesting enough to read in full. Therefore: beshort and concise, but also be realistic and do not forget to mention the strong points of your plan. A summary is no introduction. Include for instance:
• What is the product/service?
• Why is this product needed; what customer need does it service?
• Who is the customer?
• Who is the management team?
• What amount is needed and for what?


1.1 Businessmodel and value proposition

Give a short description of the business model of the company – how will you make money?

1.2 Product / Service

Introduce your product/service, how it works and why a consumer would buy your product/service. Describe the value it will create for the customers and the market. Why is there a need for your product?

1.3 Market structure and analysis

1.3.1Target market and customer base

Specify your target customers/clients (any concrete names you can already give here please add!), and why you selected this specific market. Describe the main characteristics of your (potential) customer base and their demand; if segmented, describe the different customer segments. Why did you select this group/these groups?

1.3.2 Market size and potentialDescribe the market size (i.e. is it a growing market, is it stable or subject to change, etc): Name your customers/clients or clients types and estimate the value of orders they will place and when.
Describe the trends for the target market in a 3-year outlook.
Describe the market potential for your product/service in this target market.

1.3.3 Competitor analysis

Describe the structure ofyour target market.
Who are the main players (competitors, suppliers, other companies, etc) in your target market? Are there any companies in your target market with a similar product/service? Are there any companies in your target market with a complementary product/service? Are these players successful, if so why, and what is their market share? Is the target market still wide open, or is theentry level high, and why?

1.3.4 Competitive advantage

What are the unique selling points of your products/services; how will you deal with risks of potential competitors; if relevant: how will you protect your product (legally)?

1.4 Marketing and distribution

1.4.1 Marketing & Communication
How will your (potential) customers know about your product? What means (media, advertisements,other PR tools) will you use to reach your target market?

1.4.2 Distribution

Elaborate on the distribution of your product/service. How will you set up your distribution? Will you make use of (existing) distribution channels/networks?

1.4.3 Sales

What are your sales targets? How will you achieve them? Which percentage of the total market will you claim?

1.5 Production process &...
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