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*James Gatz is born in North Dakota.

*Gatz attends St. Olaf College for two weeks.
*Gatz acquires work on the yacht of his future idol Dan Cody.
*James Gatz changes his name to JayGatsby.
*Gatsby sails with Cody to the West Indies and Barbary Coast.
*Cody dies and his mistress Ella Kaye uses legal devices to take Gatsby's part of the inheritance.
*Gatsby is penniless buteducated.

*Nick Carraway graduates from New Haven (Yale University) and fights in World War I.
*Nick returns to the Midwest to begin a career.

*Jay Gatsby and Daisy Fay fall in love inLouisville, but Gatsby leaves for battle.
*Gatsby receives medals in Europe for his service in the war.
*He also attends Oxford for five months.

*Daisy Fay marries Tom Buchanan.
*Tom hasan affair with the chambermaid.
*The Buchanans move to Chicago, then to East Egg on Long Island, New York.

*Nick Carraway moves to West Egg on Long Island, New York, to learn the bondbusiness. He rents a house which is next to Gatsby's mansion.
*Nick visits Daisy (his cousin) and Tom Buchanan at their home in East Egg, where he meets Jordan Baker, a controversial professional golfer.*Nick and Tom take Myrtle, Tom's mistress, to Morningside Heights, an apartment in New York.
*They have a small party consisting of Nick, Tom, Myrtle, Myrtle's sister Catherine, and the McKee couple.Tom Buchanan slaps Myrtle for disobeying his orders.
*Nick has a short affair with a girl from Jersey City.
*Nick becomes involved with Jordan Baker.
*Gatsby throws another party and invites Nick.*Nick meets Jordan Baker at the party and, in pursuit of Gatsby, they encounter Owl Eyes.
*Nick finally meets Gatsby, a "young roughneck."
*Gatsby drives Nick to New York for lunch where Gatsbyreveals his past to Nick.
*Meyer Wolfshiem, a con-artist, is introduced as Gatsby's partner, which leads one to suspect Gatsby's finances are derived by illegal means.
*Jordan Baker reveals the...
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