Caracteristica especificas de los cromosomas sexuales

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Biography of James Blunt BluntJames was born February 22, 1974 in the Italian hospital Tidworth, Salisbury (United Kingdom). Belonging to a family of very long militarytradition, during his childhood in his home did not know the music players.
His passion for the world of sound was evident when in his teens he moved to London to study at Harrow School.
At the age of 14years, practicing with the guitar of a friend, hearing could release the album 'Nevermind' by Nirvana.
Having studied Aerospace Engineering and Sociology at Bristol University, he enlisted in thearmed forces.
Participated in the war in Kosovo and was responsible for more than 30,000 soldiers.
In 2002 he began looking for was armed with recording some demos, and that's when he meets LindaPerry, songwriter and producer, former leader of "4 Non Blondes", and moved to California to record their first album.
When he released "Back To Bedlam", his debut plate, James Blunt unseat get nothingless than Coldplay's number one sales charts in the United Kingdom.
'No Bravery', the debut song from their first album, was written in 1997 in a military camp in Kosovo.
With regard to the successachieved in so little time, Blunt is still not able to get out of his perplexity: "It was totally unexpected. They were songs he composed for me, in private ... but I never expected that its impact wasso big ".
That was in front of no less than thirty thousand men in an area that was a powder keg is something that catches the attention, but he insists downplay "I do not think before and after thewar was two different people. I feel more influenced by any human experience in relation to others. " Neither does he believe that his past as a soldier is reflected in his music, as it ensures thatthe ten themes of his first album just two talk about the war.
His second plate is titled "All the Lost Souls." Launched in September 2007, the album sounds more instruments and was recorded with...
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