Case double d trucking.

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Case Double D Trucking.

Problematic of the company: Find solution for the Double D Trucking to remain in its top position in the customer satisfaction in the field of logistics and transportationwith the presence of highly competitive companies in the market.

1. The conclusion reached by Douglas Dean is “to become a full-service logistics provider” to fight against the competition andsurvive. Today the nature of the trucking industry is a strategy of vertical integration. The current transportation services of the Double D Trucking is said to be non sufficient with regards to thedemands of the customers. The customers are demanding or having a need for other logistic services rather than the transportation only.

2. The logistical strategic thrust for Double D isn’t avertically integrated. In the case, the main powerful point of the company is the high rate customer satisfaction. “a company that has never lost a customer and never lost a day to labor disputes.”Vertically integrated companies in a supply chain are united through a common owner; moreover, it is one method of avoiding the hold-up problem.

3. Alternative logistics services being added to Double Dmarket offering. First of all, to still manage to be on top on this business field, the company has to be innovative or be able to acquire new technologies and adopt changes that the trucking industryand logistics has using right now. As we said earlier, it seems that the customers are demanding something else than the transportation only . By the way , as the main concern of the company , to getthe customers satisfaction on their trucking services , there is real need to for the Double D Trucking to become a full service logistic provider.

4. Value added services that can be consider bythe strategic planning team. First of all, adopting the third party logistics (3PLs ) to manage the transportation and storage activities of the company to the receiver could be a great action. With...
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